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Collectible Card Game | PvP Arena | Dungeon Crawler | Social

The Great War affected everyone: humans, dwarfs, orcs...

All of them trying their best to live a new life, but, undoubtedly, you can't build the ideal society on the ashes of their ancestors.

The ban on magic and poverty spurred people to participate in closed institutions, such as taverns, or to crawl into deep dungeons in search of lost riches.

This is gambling on the blade of the dagger.

More of it you will discover in Story Mode and at our Media.

Collect, buy or sell Magic Cards, form your perfect deck and conquer other mages in Duels.

Crawl together through Dungeons, defeat various enemies, seize their souls into your Card deck and use them in Battles.

PvP Duels, 2v2, the Tavern Brawl

PvE Dungeons (4 co-op or 4v4 "Mirrored Dungeon")






“ The Tavern of Magic is the level of visual effects and atmosphere, which is very lacking in other games in VR. Keep it up! ”

DevGAMM Judge

" A beautiful online game in which you have to fight in magic card matches "

VR Goldgrabbers

" Magic duel for multiple players, very vivid, spectacular and is an excellent test for your reaction, playing with friends is a pleasure "

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